An open source software to rapidly build and deploy secure electronic registries with open APIs for authorized publishing and consented access.

What is a registry?

Registries are shared digital infrastructure onto which authorized issuing agencies publish digitally signed data about users, entities, or other assets/resources allowing consented and controlled access to other authorized service providers for digital verification and usage.


OpenSaber features
  • Flexible schema definition with complex structures
  • Encryption and masking at attribute level
  • Flexible data visibility classification
  • Owner controlled consented access to service providers
  • Digital signature for trusted data
  • Open APIs for data publishing and registry access
  • Flexible data lifecycle control at attribute level
  • Extensibility hooks to build advanced features
  • Ability to link registry entries within the same registry and across registries using different relationship types
  • Extensible registry persistence model with support for graph based database, key-value stores, and blockchain
  • Ability to attach rules for validations, lifecycle operations, and relationships

Use cases

Large scale inter-dependent digital systems require access to machine readable and trusted registries of people, organizations and other assets/resources. These registries are typically setup for a purpose and made available to ecosystem for access.

Such registries allow for seamless and automated integration of data and information at scale.

  • People registry
  • Company registry
  • Vehicle registry
  • Hospital registry
  • Doctor registry
  • Teacher registry
  • School registry

Who can use?

Anyone wanting to setup and run registries can use this open source project to rapidly build an electronic registry and provide access to publishers and service providers via secure APIs. Developers can extend and build custom registry based applications and management tools.

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